Best HR Templates for all Your Business Needs

Best HR templates

As an HR manager or administrator to efficiently run your company, you will deal with many employee requests and unforeseen circumstances. Many times, you want to use one document that does the job and can reuse it repeatedly. You may be looking to make some edits to a form and adjust it to fit your company’s needs. Other times is one of your employees searching for a specific way to record time more efficiently. This is why we have made a selection of the best 10 HR templates that you can use for free in multiple formats: Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, or Google Spreadsheet.

In the last months, we have updated our database of HR templates, made specifically to help HR departments work within small and medium companies. 

Here are 10 of our most requested templates that we would like to share with you also. 

1. Timesheet templates 

You will find a series of timesheet templates that can fit distinct types of needs, different pay periods, and formats. If you are looking for a simple free weekly template or one with multiple Excel or online calculations on Google Sheets, you can get it directly from the website. 

Download the timesheet template.

2. Organizational Chart 

Structuring your employees in a digital org chart is not always very intuitive. On our dedicated page, you can find how to build one and download an org chart template that you can customize according to your business. Moreover, if you’re creating a business plan and reflecting on your hiring strategy, the Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Google Sheets versions will be handy.

Download for free the org chart template.

3. The attendance sheets 

Tracking who is in the office and who is out is an essential aspect. Employee absences count for 1/3 of the employee’s payroll, and if they are not recorded, they can harm the company’s bottom line. We offer a solution that you can start using for free today. 

Download the attendance sheet.

4. The invoice templates 

Regardless of selling goods or services, you will need to provide a document with your selling details. You can use this template to make a statement regarding the number of hours you have dedicated to carrying out a development project or doing creative design work for a client. 

Download the invoice template

5. Timecard calculator 

Although not a simple template, this digital calculator takes a lot of the work from the workers’ shoulders, with multiple automatic calculations for periods.

Check out the online time card calculator.

6. The employee’s handbook 

The employee handbook is a booklet that includes your company’s mission, culture, practices, policies, and expectations. Practically this is the document you offer to a new hire to learn what is expected of them in terms of work-etiquette and discipline. 

Download template.

Bonus, 1943 Disney employee handbook ⤵️

7. 2021 Calendar

Suppose you are looking for things to plan for next year. A printable 2021 PDF calendar template is always handy. You can get it in other formats, also in monthly versions with or without holidays.

Download template.

8. Exit interview

Okay, it happens when an employee goes to a different company or makes a career transition. If you want to develop a more resilient company culture, exit interviews are a robust and reliable way to do so. 

If you are keen to develop a culture where the workforce that likes the company they work for and enjoy what they are doing professionally, a fantastic way to identify how you can strengthen the current situation is by running exits. The one that we have prepared addresses key work-related questions that, for sure, will highlight where the organization can be perfect when it comes to the workforce.  

Download the exit interview template.

9. Expense report

What happens when one of your employees goes to another country for professional travel, and there is a company policy to get reimbursed for travel costs? You can report the expenses using the template. And note how much money must be refunded every time you use it. And to avoid errors, the cost per each payment and total is being presented in the template.  

Download template.

10. The onboarding checklist 

As the company grows, new hires will have to be onboarded. They will have to go through a process that is consistent and delivers the results expected. In the onboarding checklist, we provide you with the steps that you will have to reflect and act upon within a few days before the employee will officially start working until the end of the first month. In this way, the new employee is successfully deployed and productive. 

Download template

What do you think about these templates? We hope that they will help with the workforce management and solve the unique needs you might have in your business. And don’t forget, AraHR works to digitize the requirements of using Excel templates for Word documents through a modern HRIS that is very flexible and highly operational.