5 Reasons to forget about timesheets on paper and switch to digital HR

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Timesheets are a significant part of any organization. It’s equally important to employees, managers, and owners since they are the key to tracking time, worked hours on each task and project. Paper has been used forever because managers thought it to be the easiest way and the most efficient. But is it? Or is it true that online timesheets will boost your company’s productivity and reduce administrative costs?

The following article will explain why your company should switch from paper and Excel timesheets to online timesheets and how this will benefit your business by offering five critical arguments.

By implementing a digital solution for timesheet keeping, you will:

  1. Reduce the risk of error
  2. Reduce costs and become more productive
  3. Benefit from a lot of advanced features from digital tools
  4. Improve scheduling
  5. Meet compliance demands easily.

Let’s see one by one why this is the case by diving into each of the benefits.

1. Reduce the risk of error

Using paper for timesheets can lead to payroll errors since there may be an issue with the handwriting. Not everyone has good, understandable handwriting. Then, paper timesheets can get misplaced between offices or sent too late to the HR department. The same goes for Excel timesheets; employees may forget to complete their entries daily and then forget how much they actually do work. So they are not reliable.

Let’s say everyone is super careful, and the timesheets are accurate; they get to the HR payroll department, whose staff will enter them into a digital tool. There is also room for possible mistakes, and it takes time to process. A digital version is more reliable and more transparent, plus such an app will give employees reminders to enter their data every day. Pretty smooth, right?

2.Reduce costs and become more productive

Employees spend too much time completing timesheets on paper, plus there is also the case when they need to alter them after handing them over. Remember that this precious time spent on a not-fun task does not bring money to the company; however, you can’t avoid it.

Enhance productivity by tracking time smoothly and efficiently with a digital solution. Forget about spending hours. You will only spend minutes tracking the work hours of your employees. Over time, you will see a difference in company productivity due to switching from paper to online timesheets.

3. Benefit from a lot of advanced features from digital tools

Humans are great, but unfortunately, they cannot do what software can. An online solution will help you manage absences and overtime much easier and faster. In real-time, you can monitor employee performance and detect their weak points and working trends. These trends and patterns will show up in complex reports, crucial for any company in 2021. 

An app will let you track overtime and reveal your employees’ customs, which is excellent for you because you can reduce excess staff and compensate for staff deficiencies. Online solutions will let you personalize who approves timesheets in one or two steps. Modern timekeeping is about online timesheets, and we all know it.

4. Improve vacation scheduling

Looking at paper timesheets won’t allow you to retrieve essential data regarding time and attendance, overtime, or absences. On the other hand, a digital solution will offer an updated version of information at all times.
You will be able to schedule attendance according to your business’s real needs, therefore getting to a higher level of productivity. Attendance monitoring is important in many industries; however vital if we talk about retail, hospitality, or manufacturing. Supervisors will create a better schedule for their team with all accurate data available and focus on making strategic decisions.

5. Meet compliance demands easily

It’s common to hear that many companies do not have a clear overview of how many hours their employees work or even how many employees come into work on a specific day/week. 

Under EU laws, this has to change, because the European Court of Justice has stated that “EU member states must ensure that workers actually benefit from these rights, by setting up an objective, reliable, and accessible system enabling the duration of time worked each day by each worker to be measured.”

It doesn’t say you can’t use paper timesheets, but honestly, you cannot consider paper timesheets a reliable and accessible system for recording time.

Staying compliant is always a demanding task for companies, but you can make it easier by using a digital solution for timesheets.

As you can see, tracking time and attendance manually is not the best way to go. Online timesheets are more efficient, will allow for cost reduction and a spike in productivity.

AraHR is the choice you should consider because we offer an easy-to-use app, multiple automation, data saved in the cloud, and updated information at all times.

Your employees can forget about filling out sheets with the daily or weekly time spent on work. They only need to go online, enter how much time they worked on a task or project, and all accurate data will be available for review and analysis. Book a demo today!


Are you still tracking worked time using a paper-based or Excel system? Are you aware of how many errors can occur with this outdated method? Passing timesheet papers from one office to another is very likely to result in misplacing them. Not everyone’s handwriting is clear, so the HR payroll staff may not understand some timesheets. Inaccurate timesheets will lead to erroneous payroll, and everyone has to suffer, both the employees and the managers/business owners. Time spent agreeing with your managers that you need to switch to a digital time management tool and evaluating solutions, matters, and boost effectiveness over the long run.

You can get rid of all these problems and you should. How? By using online timesheets for your organization. In the following lines, we will convince you this is the path for you.

Let go of papers and find the online solution that works for you and your employees. You will see plenty of improvements, from reduced costs to higher productivity, transparency, and better use of time for strategic matters. You will also gain a full perspective into absence and attendance trends, which will allow for better scheduling and less overtime.